Pump Fan


420 - 530

Immagine Pompe Fan 420 - 530


Immagine Pompe Fan 420 - 530

Technical data

Product Geometrical capacity  Max rpm
Max abs pressure Bar/PSI Max vacuum % (inHg) Max continuous vacuum % (inHg) Power at max vacuum kW (HP) Weight kg Brochure
m³/h l/min cfm P H
FAN 420 720 11980 423 1500 2.5 (36) 95% (28,5”) 91% (27”) 23 (30,8) 180 203 Open
FAN 530 893 14890 525 1500 2.5 (36) 95% (28,5”) 91% (27”) 27 (36,1) 223 263 Open

Product description


The cooling for FAN Pumps is provided by fresh air forced by high efficiency cooling fans. An accurate study of the aluminum conveyor, the body fins profile and inlet and outlet port make the pump suitable for heavy duty applications.

The FAN features the Crash Protection System: sliding flanges protection mechanism that prevents the housing or rotor from breaking in case of blades crash. The pump is easily repairable inexpensively in field. The FAN pump can be equipped with the latest automatic air injection cooling system to enable continuous operation at 91% range of vacuum.



• Long Life Blades, Crash Protection System, Automatic Lubrication, External Side Oil Tank, Predisposition integrated Air Filter, 4-ways valve, Poppet Check valve, Air Injection Cooling

• Available hoses connections: Ø 76 mm (3”) / Ø 80 mm / Ø 100 mm (4”)

Double Fan + air injection cooled

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