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Battioni Pagani Group combines the operations of three independent privately owned companies:
  • Pagani Holding s.r.l.
  • Battioni Pagani Pompe S.p.A. (Battioni Pagani®)
  • BP S.r.l. 

Pagani Holding is a finance and real estate holding owning 100% the two subsidiaries and the facilities where they operate providing them services such as infrastructures, administration and HR services.

Pagani Holding fully belongs to the Pagani family since 2006.


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Battioni Pagani® is a worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of revolving blades vacuum pumps and accessories for agricultural and industrial markets since 1953.


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BP Handling Technologies has been pioneering the side loader market since 1959 and it is today a major manufacturer of side loaders and special trucks. In 2016 BP Handling Technologies jointly with the Italian investment fund NEIPIII of Itago Partners acquired CVS Ferrari from Manitex International. CVS Ferrari is a world leading manufacturer of container handling equipment.


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Pagani Holding also owns a minority share of the Italian foundry Fondar, a strategic partner and major supplier of casted iron to the Group.. This vertical integration into the core of the supply chain adds a unique competitive advantage to the business.

Fondar provides high quality casting in volume and key competences in our product innovation cycle.


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