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Battioni Pagani®: vacuum Technology without compromises

Every morning more than half a million people from Ireland to South Africa, from Canada to New Zealand start their working day operating a Battioni Pagani®.


When Amilcare Battioni and Gianfranco Pagani first met over 60 years ago they did not know where the future would have lead them but they knew they had to work hard to survive and find their way through the challenges of a post war desolated landscape. They had nothing to start with nor anybody to help them but their hands and brain. Life restarting in the vast flat area in northern Italy called for reestablishing supply to the fundamental needs of human beings such as home and food.

An adventure started in a small shop where they worked and lived together with their families repairing agricultural machines and tractors by making use of parts of military equipment left over by the German and American armies

took them to establish one of the most relevant employer and successful enterprise of the region and the worldwide leader in design and manufacturing of rotary vanes vacuum pumps for agricultural markets.


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Technology to shape the world of vacuum trucks

Battioni Pagani Pompe and its sister company BP Handling Technologies (manufacturer of special material handling trucks) belong to the Battioni Pagani Group, a fully family owned corporation today at its second generation. Located in the heart of Pianura Padana in Sorbolo (Parma) the company longest standing experience among anyone initiated with building vacuum tanks and trucks for its local market has been instrumental to the development of top performing vanes pumps now powering trucks all over the world.

With 100 pumps leaving the factory every day, Battioni Pagani® is the world leading manufacturer of rotary vanes vacuum pumps with export counting for more than 90% of revenue.

Battioni Pagani® application engineering team works together every day with OEMs, dealers and end users in determining the best solution to the most specific and demanding application. The company wide product range provides for over 4.000 different models of rotary vanes vacuum pumps with airflow from 1.000 l/min up to 55.000 l/min, centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps, accessories and components being utilized in:

  • emptying of septic tanks and slurry transport (vacuum trucks);
  • cleaning of sewages pipes;
  • emptying and cleaning of portable and train toilettes;
  • cleaning in oil fields industries;
  • milk and water transport (stainless steel vacuum trucks);
  • wetting during road works;
  • emptying of oil tanks in food industries and restaurants.


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Battioni Pagani® always delivered more and beyond to its customers helping them to become more efficient and productive. Every morning more than half a million people from Ireland to South Africa, from Canada to New Zealand start their working day operating a Battioni Pagani® pump.





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