SuperPumper, a contemporary hero

SuperPumper, our mascot


SuperPumper, a contemporary hero


SuperPumper is a contemporary hero. He does not rely on secret super powers but on his ability and experience.


A Super Technician who takes you to discover our products and services. 

SuperPumper well represents us because he is qualified, skilled, reliable and competent. An everyday hero, with no cloak nor mask but with jeans and shirt, who listens to you, understands your needs and suggests you the best solution.

He always carries with him a vane a very important part for the operation of our pumps. He has his sleeves well rolled up to be always ready to help you fixing things.


SuperPumper sketch


SuperPumper is our face in all our company brochures and you find him on our shipping boxes and packages.

SuperPumper is going to be your guide and your reference to discover our company and our products. A human face to associate with our company and our services.

SuperPumper is not only a cartoon: he is what we all would like to be for you.



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