Locker Bidi Sealing kit

Components Locker BiDi - Bi-directional Knife gate

Locker Bidi Sealing kit

Image Locker Sealing Kit

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Image Locker Sealing Kit

Technical data

DN MODEL ø (mm) Kg Brochure
4” LOCKER BiDi Ø 100 SEALING KIT 100 0,48 Open
6” LOCKER BiDi Ø 150 SEALING KIT 150 0,70 Open
8” LOCKER BiDi Ø 200 SEALING KIT 200 1,10 Open
10” LOCKER BiDi Ø 250 SEALING KIT 250 1,60 Open
12” LOCKER BiDi Ø 300 SEALING KIT 300 1,80 Open


Product description

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